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Exquisite Villa at Low Price for Sale Near The City Centre in Belek, Antalya
ID: 3522
1 km
30 km
Exclusive Villa with Private Swimming Pool Near the Beach of Belek
ID: 3523
400 m
27 km
Cozy Resale Castle in Belek, Antalya
ID: 3513
5 km
25/150 km
Exclusive Villa with Affordable Price in Belek, Antalya
ID: 3519
3 km
35/145 km
Beautiful Resale Apartment in Belek, Antalya
ID: 3517
2 km
30/150 km
Fabulous Triplex With Private Pool For Sale in Belek, Antalya
ID: 3514
1.2 km
33/145 km
Fabulous, chic apartments in Antalya
ID: 4100
8 km
13 km
spacious villas with modern features located in Antalya
ID: 4083
23 km
25 km
luxury high-rise complex with modern facilities
ID: 4076
4.5 km
17 km
Beach-front property offering quality-life features
ID: 4077
100 m
23 km
Neatly designed apartments for sale in Antalya
ID: 4078
4.5 km
16 km
Cozy apartments with amenities in Antalya for sale
ID: 4079
3 km
27 km

Antalya is on the Mediterranean coast of the country and is a famous resort in Turkey, the airport is located 12 km from the city. In addition to access to the sea, there is a choice of entertainment for every taste.

Antalya city centre is only 12 kilometres to the airport.

The city is suitable for business and relocating to a permanent residence, as the cost of real estate in Antalya is lower than in other large cities.

What are the advantages of buying a home in Antalya

Benefits of living in Antalya:

  1. Many foreigners can now visit Turkey without a visa, but cannot stay in the country for longer than 90 days. However, if you stay longer without permission, the punishment there is a monetary fine. When buying a property, a foreigner automatically receives a residence permit, which is easy to renew. After five years of residency, you can take Turkish citizenship.

  2. Real estate prices are affordable, but rising rapidly. High demand for rented property among tourists helps pay off costs within a few years.
  3. Private medical centres provide qualified medical care and are much cheaper than in your own countries. Services in local beauty salons are on average 2-3 times more economical.
  4. In Turkey, foreigners are free to do business. Registration of an IP takes no longer than one month.
  5. The city has a well-developed public transport system.
  6. Grocery stores are filled with inexpensive and quality goods mainly from local farmers and producers.
  7. The residents of Antalya are welcoming; foreigners who purchase low-cost housing in the city do not experience difficulties in communicating with the local population.
Medical care is available upon presentation of insurance.

What Antalya Property For Sale Can You Buy

The following types of real estate are offered for sale in the city limits (according to information from various Internet sites):

  1. Apartments. They cost from 40 to 100 thousand euros, depending on the area and the distance to the coast.

  2. Mansions. The prices range from 100 thousand euros for small houses in a remote part of the city to 800 thousand euros for villas with a pool and a private garden.
  3. Non-residential premises. They will need additional costs because they are incomplete. So, the cost will be between 10-50 thousand euros.
In Antalya, you can buy a spacious apartment.

General information about Antalya

Antalya is a large city in the Mediterranean, located in the southern part of Turkey. Its population reaches 1 million 300 thousand inhabitants, and thanks to tourism exceed 2 million people, the population density is 850 people per 1 km2.

The city is built on a rocky plateau, at an altitude of 40 m above sea level, in the Gulf of Anatolia. Near Antalya is the Taurus Mountains, covered with impenetrable pine forest. Due to its location near the sea and mountain ranges, it has become the tourist capital of the country.

Antalya is in southern Turkey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The climate in the region is subtropical, with hot summers and warm, rainy winters. In summer, precipitation rarely occurs, and sometimes it may not rain at all. Humidity throughout the year varies from 55% to 65%.

From May to November, clear weather prevails during the dry season, and rain occurs during the rest of the year, generally 60 days of rain a year. The swimming season begins in June and ends at the end of October.

In Which Part of The City is it Better to Buy a Property in Antalya

Housing can be purchased from the following areas of the city:

  1. Konyaalti. Located slightly west of the centre. It is a new area with sea and mountain views. Trade and the public transport system are well developed here, so rooms and apartments both in low-rise buildings with gardens and in high-rise buildings are in constant demand. Active development and expansion of the district allow you to find more affordable premises in new buildings and buy them from the developer. Among the attractions, there is an excellent municipal beach, a public swimming pool, several gyms, shopping centres, restaurants of different priced categories.
  2. Lara is the most popular area in the eastern part of the city with a high building density. Business activities are undertaken in the city, so there are many offices, large companies and departments in this area. In Lara, premises generally are bought for business purposes.
  3. Center and Old Town. The centre lacks calm due to a large number of foreign tourists and residents, but for commercial use of living space, it may be better to look in a different district. Real estate here is mainly offered in projects of historical value, and low-rise residential buildings. Tourists love the narrow streets, ramparts, ancient temples. Mansions of the 13th-15th centuries are especially popular, but their price starts from 800 thousand dollars.
  4. Ishiklar. The cost of apartments here is on average 15-20% lower than in Lara, the infrastructure is also well developed, as well as well-kept parks. The houses are generally older ( between 5, 10 years). Because of bustling traffic and air pollution, there are few tourists in Ishiklar. Still, the area is suitable for a comfortable lifestyle (it is essential to source high-quality sound insulation). Due to the abundance of offices and shops, finding a job for a foreigner with higher education is not difficult.
  5. Kundu Located 25 km from the central part of the city. There are enough modern residential complexes and hotels focused on seasonal vacations. Among the expensive hotels "Venice", "Titanic", "Mardan" and others there are small hostels which are no less popular among tourists. The city administration plans to assign VIP status to the Kundu district, which will make it possible to enter the area by using a special pass. Due to the high demand for rent, investments in Kundu real estate will give a good return within 2-3 years (depending on the project).


Our company will help you choose the right property in Turkey in one of the areas included on the above list.