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Brand New Apartments For Sale in a Nice Complex in Avsallar, Alanya
ID: 1383
900 m
90/60 km
Our Spacious apartments for sale in Pi residence
ID: 1462
700 m
102/67 km
Exclusive Ultra-Modern Apartments in Avsallar
ID: 1587
800 m
100/64 km
Modern Apartments at Low Prices
ID: 1606
500 m
110/45 km
Apartments set in a Stunning Location
ID: 1564
1,5 km
110/45 km
Complex with a variety of apartments in a good area of Avsallar
ID: 1608
1 km
130/60 km
Modern apartments in the cozy resort area of Avsallar, Alanya
ID: 1501
1 km
100/65 km
Affordable one-bedroom apartment in Avsallar
ID: 1502
2 km
95/60 km
Gorgeous apartments for sale in Avsallar
ID: 1503
1 km
100/65 km
New single block project offering cozy apartments in Avsallar
ID: 1504
900 m
100/65 km
Complex with twin buildings in Avsallar
ID: 1419
900 m
100 km
Sophisticated Living in Desirable Avsallar
ID: 1630
1 km
110/70 km

For those who want to buy housing close to the sea, but have a limited budget, an attractive option is a real estate in Avsallar (Turkey): prices and quality here are in an optimal ratio. For 30-40 thousand Euros in Spain, Italy or Antalya, you will not be able to buy housing with European standards. All area conveniences and amenities are combined with good ecology and the beauty of pristine nature.

Real estate in Avsallar - housing by the beach with European standards at an attractive price.

Pros of buying a home in Avsallar

Today, real estate in Avsallar attracts the attention of investors. There are all reasons for this:

Turkish appetizers that give great taste and aroma.
  1. Local people are friendly towards foreigners, regardless of their religion or tradition.

  2. Avsallar is located on the sea coast near the Toros Mountains, around - coniferous forests. There is always clean air.

  3. Living conditions are comfortable, because the beach season lasts 7-8 months a year, and winters are warm, frosts are rare.

  4. The water in the sea is clean, and the beaches are well-maintained, well suited for families with small children.

  5. The houses and blocks are located close to the beach (100-1500 m).

  6. The area has many retail outlets, restaurants, catering establishments, gyms and entertainment centres.

  7. There are monuments of architecture and culture (for example, a Muslim mosque, Kervansaray, a memorial to the tribes - the founders of the village).

  8. Turkish national cuisine attracts with exotic ingredients and aromas.

  9. You can get to the airport in Antalya by taxi in 1,5 hours, and to Gazipasa in 1 hour.

  10. Prestigious residential areas have developed infrastructure. Developers pay great attention to this issue. In elite houses, there are parking lots, hammams, SPA salons, comfortable recreation and entertainment areas, cafes, bars. Additional services as food and drink delivery to the apartments.

  11. The tourist flow, growing from year to year, leads to the fact that the village becomes a profitable object for investment. Each year, analysts notice sales growth of 5-10%.

  12. Additional profit (20-50%) will bring investment in a new building at the initial stage of construction. Developers offer apartments with a down payment of 20% of the cost with a convenient instalment plan up to 3 years without extra interest and price changes. When the construction is finished, the cost becomes 50% higher than at the stage of development.

  13. Apartments can be used for rental; investing in this market segment is profitable and safe. The profitability of housing in Avsallar is 10-15%. Apartments for rent in the village - 20-50 euros per day, and villas - 100-200 euros, depending on its size and level of comfort. With daily rent, monthly income is 700-3,000 euros, and with long-term to price can be discounted but still profitable.

  14. When choosing a property, a significant advantage is the low taxes on its purchase and ownership.

  15. Low utility costs.

  16. After the purchase, owners receive the right to apply for a residence permit, and after five years of permanent stay, they can apply for Turkish citizenship.

The purchased apartment can be rented out as a source of additional income.

What real estate can be purchased

In Avsallar, there are several types of real estate for sale:

  1. Apartments in finished buildings or new buildings under construction. New housing estates have a large territory where all relaxation facilities are provided. There are options from 29-30 thousand euros (studio) to 200 thousand Euros.

  2. The villas are detached houses built in a Mediterranean style with orchard and exotic plants with the garden attached, some of them may have a private pool. They are sold for 80 thousand euros (3 + 1) to even 1-2 million Euros.

  3. Townhouses are small 2-3-storey buildings divided into sections (from 2 to 8). Each section is intended for a separate family and has its entrance offered for 75-200 thousand Euros.

  4. Penthouses - luxury apartments on the top floor, equipped with a terrace with a viewing platform (100-200 thousand Euros). Duplex penthouses taking the last two storeys are also offered.

  5. Commercial real estate - buildings or land for business development (offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.). It also includes industrial and manufacturing enterprises, warehouses, farms, etc. Can be purchased for further leasing. For example, premises in a 5-storey shopping centre are sold for 175-300 thousand euros (890-900 euros per sqm).

  6. Land. They can be with the right to build a residential building for industrial purposes. For example, a plot of 1000 square meters (with permission to build) costs 450-500 thousand Euros.

Our company will help you choose the right option and make a deal. We are also ready to assist in finding a tenant and signing a contract for free.

Villas in Avsallar are one of the types of real estate that can be purchased.

Avsallar resort area overview for real estate purchase

Avsallar is one of the popular resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its southern location, the climate here is hot, subtropical, allowing you to sunbathe and swim from April to November. Warm, rainy winters are a break from long summers. Pure mountain air and exotic nature attract a large flow of tourists.

The city is a former village twenty kilometres north of Alanya. The airport in Gazipasa is located 65 km, and in Antalya - 105 km. About 10 thousand people live here, who are mainly employed in the tourism industry. In the beach season, the population increases by 2-3 times, filling the hotels and apartments.

In a few years, the small village has turned into a popular resort. A well-kept beach with imported white sand stretches for 3 km. In some places there are small pebble and shingle stripes of beach.

Along the coast, there are many spots offering water sports like banana riding, water scooter etc. Those who are interested in sea life there is a dolphinarium. Risk lovers can immerse themselves in steel cages in a giant aquarium, where sharks and stingrays swim. Palm alleys, cafes and bars stretch along the sea.

Vacationers are provided with a wide range of SPA-services: hammam, massage, thalassotherapy. In Avsallar there are many luxury hotels and villas just on the coast. In the centre of Avsallar, there are many cafes and restaurants, clubs and entertainment centres. All around the city centre of Avsallar, there are many butcher's, groceries, bakeries, pharmacies, markets and local convenience shops. One day a week, fruit and vegetable bazaar is set up, you can buy fresh products from the farmers. For those who like sports; there are beach sports, diving, rafting, horseback riding. Numerous boat trips, jeep safaris and excursions are taking place every day.

Night club "Granada Night Club", where you can relax and have fun.

What determines the price of the properties

A large selection of housing allows each buyer to choose the right option, depending on priorities and opportunities:

  1. Type of property
  2. Surrounding area
  3. Proximity to the local facilities
  4. Distance to the sea
  5. Beach quality
  6. Window view. Apartment on the south side with a full sea view is sold 2-3 times more expensive than the same with windows facing the street and on the north side.
  7. The quality of building materials. Buildings between the age of 2010-2020. New technologies are used, such as thermal and noise insulation, floor heating, expensive double-glazed windows.
  8. Interior decoration, design. On customer's requests, the developer of the building can use special tiles, install a floor heating system, re-arrange the interior. Developers provide designer services or several projects to choose from.
  9. Furniture and household appliances. If the apartment is sold furnished with brand new appliances, the price goes up.
  10. Infrastructure. Elite buildings are located in a vast territory, with private parking, protected by security and video surveillance. New complexes offer its owners various facilities like gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, tennis court, table tennis, Turkish bath, sunbeds with umbrellas etc.
  11. Additional service such as a caretaker is provided.

The average price in a well-maintained residential complex is 45-50 thousand euros for 1 + 1 apartments (40-45 sqm) 60-70 thousand euros for 2 + 1 (70-90 sqm). Apartments 90-100 sqm sold for 110-120 thousand euros. Three-bedroom large apartments with 150-190 square meters will cost 120-150 thousand Euros. Four bedroom duplex apartments start from 140 thousand Euros.

Villas by the sea cost from 80-160 thousand Euros to 1,5 million (or more), but on average - 400-600 thousand Euros.

Our company offers its customers a free tour and advice on all issues arising in the process of finding real estate. Summer Home advises you on finding and buying every property. We have a rich offer on our website, and we provide additional services on request.