Styling your balcony

Styling your balcony

How to maximise your balcony space 

Not many of us live in houses with large sprawling gardens so this article will look at the ways in which you can maximise your apartment’s balcony space. It’s all about buying quality goods and styling. 

Firstly, invest in high quality furnishings, in the long run your pocket will thank you! Buying cheap, inevitably leads to a soggy mess. Materials like resin wicker, wrought iron, teak and plastic can handle the most that our winters here in Turkey can throw at them. They also last that bit longer so although the initial cost can sometimes be a little daunting, in the long run it works out cheaper. 

There are a few other elements you can use to spice up your balcony. Plants, like bamboo and herbs, flowers like geraniums and begonias can all thrive on balconies. Just do a little research around the little garden centres to see what grows locally. Also think about how much direct sunlight reaches your balcony. Here in Alanya, my balcony can reach up to temperatures of the high 40’s so I'm mindful of which plants will thrive here and which ones I just can’t have! 

You might also want to think about privacy.

Total privacy might be difficult to achieve but with the use of screens or fabric hangings you might be able to screen off nosy neighbours. Tall plants, climbing vines and flowering plants like jasmine can all be trained onto privacy screens. These also can be a design feature in their own right with a wide variety available such as bamboo screens and metal lattice screens.  

During the hot summer months, we spend a lot of time on our balcony so how about investing in a hammock? There are a wide range of free-standing ones available but how about harking back to earlier times with the original strung ones? They certainly add a bohemian, relaxed feel to any space. 

Soft Furnishings

Think about the type of soft furnishing that can add a bit of spice to boring sofas and chairs. Throw pillows are an excellent way of adding that all important splash of colour. One of the first things to realise is that cushions do not have to match, actually you can achieve a more stylish look if they don’t! If you are uncertain about your ability to mix and match then try to follow the rule of three. Pull three different colours from the pre-existing furnishings and then even if your pillows have patterns if you have taken colours from elsewhere it will all blend in. 

Colours which naturally go together: 

  • Dark blue + deep reds+ pinks 

  • Magenta + violet + mustardy yellows 

  • Dark red + oranges + deep green 

  • Dark greens+ golds + magenta 

Choose patterns that don’t compete with each other. By thinking of the size of the pattern you should allow one size to dominate all the others.


Room designers are not afraid to break the rules so go with your instincts. 

Last but not least, think about your choice of accessories. Wind chimes, candles, hanging macrame plant pot holders, rugs, throws...the list is endless but they all add a touch of personality to your space.

Some people like themed accessories for example, nautical. These cool blues and icy whites do lend a calm atmosphere but try not to get cliché with your ideas. 

The ideas can be endless but try to be fearless, create the space that best reflects your personality and wishes. 

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