Machahel, located in Artvin, is known as Turkey's first biospheric region located in the north of Blacksea in turkey. After the agreement made between two countries (Russia – Turkey), 12 villages were given to Georgia, and the rest of them, including the Machahel village, was given to the Turks in 1921.

Because of the weather and condition of the roads, in winter if people got ill, it would cause many problems. As a solution, a treaty was made between Georgia. If the Turkish people in the village got ill and needed treatment, they would be transported and treated in Georgia. Because the roads are mainly closed, up to 6 months due to the harsh weather conditions and undevelopment of the village. This is because of the roads to the village and its people.

The village's income is mainly from apiculture and honey production. Because the area is rich with its nature, the bee's here are not harmed. The honey here is well known, and because the beekeepers have kept their traditions, many people come to the village to get tips from the locals.

Turkey's first Biosphere Region

This area was announced that it was a biosphere region by Unesco in 2006. For those who do not know what that means, here you go. Biosphere regions are places which are protected and maintain the ecosystem. These places are mainly untouched and rich in nature. There are 621 places which are on the list, and one of them is our topic.