Turkey's Red Diamond Strawberries

Turkey's Red Diamond Strawberries

Known as the best variety of Turkish strawberries are nicknamed "The Red Diamonds", and they are known for growing in Bursa. A large quantity was gathered from gardens and was stocked in factories to be exported to Russia and other countries. Before these red diamonds are sold in Russia, a big batch of the same strawberries was sent to Georgia to be tested and approved. After Georgia had confirmed the goods were above standards, they were to be sold to other countries. Soon after preparations were taken, the first shipment of goods was sent to Russia to be sold.

Sezai Chelik, the head of the union of the agricultural centre, noted that the strawberries are promising.

Chelik stated that at present, we are cultivating the Red Diamond strawberries, which are in high demand in the market in Turkey, and gradually we are slowly entering the foreign market. Just this year, 6 trucks have been sent to Moscow. We offer to other countries a product that has been proven to be of excellent quality. A variety of "Red Diamonds" can be stored for a long time, which makes it convenient in transportation. Now, with the expansion of the sales market, we plan to increase the production of these beautiful and healthy varieties significantly!

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