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Affordable sea view apartments in Kargicak
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Every year, Turkey is increasingly attracting foreign investors. According to the Institute of Statistics 67,322 real estate properties were purchased in the country in 2019. Among them are inexpensive apartments, and small houses, and luxury villas on the sea coast.

Villas in Turkey on the seashore are very popular.

If you are interested in buying a villa on the coast, Turkey House will help you buy profitably.

For many years we have been engaged in the construction and sale of real estate, accompanying our clients at all stages of the transaction.

Pros of buying a villa on the coast of Turkey

The attractiveness of investment in your home on the coast has many factors:

  1. Roads in Turkey are well developed.
    Favorable climate, suitable for permanent residence, and for recreation. Hot summers and mild rainy winters; during the coldest time, the temperature does not fall below + 15 ° С. Thanks to this, there is no need to install central heating. But all new houses and villas have floor heating system, and in some cases there is an open fireplace.
  2. In the resort regions of the country there is a well-developed infrastructure and social facilities: good quality roads, a large number of shops and markets, Bazaars with home products, medical and educational institutions.

  3. Local people in Turkey and the authorities have a friendly attitude towards foreign investors. And this is not only business oriented politeness, as in the Arabic countries, but sincere cordiality. Turks understand that buying a real estate is beneficial for both sides.

  4. Investment benefits. Foreigners who have invested in real estate in Turkey can obtain a residence permit and citizenship according to a simplified scheme. In addition, in 2018, the minimum purchase amount was reduced from $ 1,000,000 to $ 250,000.

Buyers of real estate in Turkey are not obliged to provide information about:

  • no need to confirm the source of income;

  • reliability of investments, an undeniable right of ownership to property purchased and legalized;

  • full confidentiality at the international level: the Turkish authorities never and under no circumstances provide any information about non-resident owners;

  • the minimum time for registration of the right of ownership is from 7 days, 2-4 months are allocated for the registration of residence;

  • the opportunity to take a mortgage on good interest rate - 6-8%;

  • an annual discount program that allows beneficially purchase a housing in Turkey during specified periods of time;

In 2019, the Turkish government, together with developers conducted a campaign to stimulate the acquisition of real estate by foreigners. The discount program was available from August 29 to October 31, the discount reached 30% of the value of the projects. During this period, more than 4 thousand apartments and 3 thousand houses were sold.

The advantages of acquiring your own villa on the coast include the following factors:

  • annual savings on vacation;
  • receiving passive income from renting a house during the absence of the owner.
Buying a villa in Turkey is profitable, promising and has a huge number of advantages.

The opportunity to relax in your own house on the coast, furnished according to your own taste, is much more attractive than relaxing even in a 5-star hotel. The cost of a luxury hotel is always high, and vacationers are bound by obtaining rules. Owning a villa and having a residence permit in Turkey, you can not only spend your holidays with the whole family with minimal expenses, but also invite friends, celebrate some kind of a joyful event; simply spend with relatives or friends great holidays.

As practice shows, a small villa can pay off by renting out due to the flow of tourists. For an expensive villa, the price is higher, but with each year the demand for villas is going up, the income from rent will fully cover the costs of maintaining and tax payments.

Another important point is the high fluidity of real estate in Turkey. Villas prices are rising every year, the cost of a villa by the sea, bought 5 years ago, has grown at least half, and in the middle price segment - almost doubled. That is, when selling, you can not only get back your investment, but also gain income.

Owning a real estate in a foreign country is a prestige.

What kind of housing can be purchased

The Turkish real estate market provides all housing options for permanent residence and recreation:

  • small villas in the city;

  • urban mansions in a dense urban area;

  • suburban town houses and houses in villages;

  • summer bungalows on the coast;

  • Elite villas on 1 coastline in resort areas.

Regardless of the size of a building, villas are always surrounded by a small plot of land, which also becomes the buyer's property included in the price.

The Turkish market provides a huge selection of holiday villas.

Land area:

  1. Villas in the urban area most often have courtyards from 100 to 300 sq.m.

  2. Country town villas have land up to 400 sq.m.

  3. The minimum land for a villa is from 500 sq.m., the maximum size is up to 600,000 sq.m.

What is a villa in Turkey

Villa is a house with beautiful architecture, a large number of rooms, master and guest rooms, several bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and dining room. Area - from 220 to 2500 sq.m. On the site there is a place for garage or sheltered parking, a large swimming pool, an outdoor terrace, a garden, a summerhouse and everything you need to relax. The territory is fenced, a security system is provided, and a good access to the road.

Villas in Turkey are also called houses, in the middle price category, ranging from 80 to 300 square meters. m

New villas comply with European standards, as they are built according to the projects of foreign architects. Even a small villa has a built-in garage, floor heating, a terrace and a private pool. Older houses usually have no swimming pool.

The best regions for buying a villa

Almost the entire coast of Turkey is attractive for real estate investment.

Choose a region by the following criteria:

  1. Purpose: for personal use only or as a source of income. In the first case, quiet areas in the vicinity of resorts or in small coastal cities would be preferable. For rental, a house located in the center of the resort area is more profitable.

  2. Climate. On the south coast the weather is hotter, on the north the weather is cooler and winters are mild.

  3. Financial capability. The most expensive Turkish real estate is in Antalya, the more affordable houses are in Alanya and Bodrum, the cheapest is in the north.

  4. The need to combine accommodation with business. In this case, the most convenient area for investment is Istanbul and its districts.

Alanya is one of the oldest and very beautiful cities in Turkey.

The small cozy resort town of Fethiye is gaining popularity, on one side surrounded by the ancient Lycian mountains, on the other - quiet lagoons with clear water. This place is the best choice for those who do not like crowded cities, but prefer peaceful and silent surrounding.

In the resort of Belek and Kemer, it is prohibited at the legislative level to build multi-storey buildings, so there are many new villas for sale at affordable prices.

Price policy

Houses in Turkey are comparable in price to Russian real estate. Elite housing will be cheaper than similar in the vicinity of Moscow.

The cost of villas in Turkey depends on such factors:

  • location: region, proximity to the center and proximity to the sea;

  • area of ​​the house and plot;

  • year of construction;

  • who sells: the owner, developer or intermediary;

  • level of arrangement.


Price range:

  • small bungalow with an area of ​​30-100 square meters. m - from 90,000 €;
  • Elite bungalows on the south coast with an area of ​​100-300 square meters. m - from 140,000 €;
  • small villas in popular resorts - from 130,000 to 350,000 €;
  • luxury villas with large plots - from 280,000 to 5,000,000 €.

If you want to invest in Turkish real estate, contact our company SummerHome. For many years we have been a leader in the Turkish real estate market, we are a major developer and direct sales agent. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of a profitable and safe investment. We provide our clients with qualified legal support and a full package of related services.