Villas for sale in Alanya

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Semi-detached three-bedroom villa in massive complex
ID: 2507
2.5 KM
Luxury Villas with Stunning Views Over The Mediterranean in Alanya
ID: 1007
1,5 km
100/65 km
Modern semi-detached villas in small complex in Avsallar
ID: 1582
700 m
115/40 km
New properties for sale in Kargicak
ID: 1414
3 km
30 km
luxurious three-bedroom villa with a panoramic view of Alanya
ID: 2512
3 KM
45 KM
Luxurious Private Villa in Stunning Konakli, Payallar
ID: 1583
150 m
120/35 km
Exquisitely Designed Villas in Sought After Bektas
ID: 1619
4 km
130/40 km
Gorgeous villas built on the rabbit hills of Alanya
ID: 1489
3 km
130/40 km
Luxurious private villas in the famous complex
ID: 1525
3 km
140/30 km
Specially Designed Villas For Sale in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1381
600 m
25 km
Guaranteed Sea view Villas in an Excellent Location in Konakli, Alanya
ID: 1355
700 m
110/50 km
Luxurious Sea View Villas with a Private Pool in Kargicak, Alanya
ID: 1005
2 km
140/25 km

Available Villas for purchase in Alanya can be found both under construction and on the resale market. Private villas with an adjoining garden and apartments in the residential complex are in high demand among tourists. Also, the buyer can live in them all year round. 

Alanya offers a wide range of private villas and mansions.


Pros of buying a villa in Alanya

Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey and rental houses bring a good income. There are a lot of English-speaking people in the city.

As a result of the massive inflow of tourists from the EU countries, it is easy to get a job in the service and tourism sector, even without speaking the native language.

Aside from tourism, there is well-developed Agriculture in Alanya. 

Purchasing a villa for renting in this town has several advantages:

  • Low cost of housing

  • Return on investment within ten years

You do not need to search for tenants yourself, and our company provides all the services you require.

For those who plan to live in the villa all year round, you can highlight the following advantages of Alanya:

  • Possibility of having both coastal and mountain views
  • Living in an area with well-developed infrastructure.
  • The opportunity to teach kids English, German and Russian in Alanya.
Alanya is known for its well-developed infrastructure.

In addition, Villa owners do not need to pay a (aidat) fee for the maintenance of an apartment complex, which can exceed €500 per year.


What kind of villas can be purchased?

In Alanya, Villa prices start from €100-130 thousand. For this amount, you can buy a small villa with two bedrooms in a complex of similar buildings. On the territory of the residential area, you can find facilities such as a gym and swimming pool.

You can find villas on offer in Alanya

At an average price,  from € 400 thousand to € 650 thousand, you can choose a house with an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, with 4-5 bedrooms and bathrooms. The residential complex will have not only its own pool but also various a gym, spa and even its garage.

The cost of VIP-class villas exceeds €1 million. But those villas offer lots of space with full furniture and panoramic views. Such buildings are adjacent to a private garden area, a guest house and a room for a caretaker.


Popular areas to purchase a Villa

The widest range of offers can be found in the Mahmutlar district. Despite the distance from Alanya centre(10km), it has a well-developed infrastructure. There are a lot of people who speak English in this area. Families with young children who are thinking of sending their children to school should not worry as there are many public and private schools that teach in English.

There are many restaurants, shops and public transport in Mahmutlar. Property is inexpensive compared to other areas, but the houses are located densely, primarily by the beach. 

Restaurants in Alanya have establishments that offer fresh Turkish and European cuisine.

Those who are planning to rent a Villa should pay attention to areas where there are beaches with fine-grained yellow sand. The most attractive area for tourists is Cleopatra which is located almost in the centre of the city.

To find a job in the service sector in Avsallar is quite difficult. Most of the vacancies are seasonal. There are no major shopping centres, but there are many shops and restaurants, which are appealing to tourists. The situation is similar in Tosmur. But, families with children should pay attention to the fact that they can find international schools in the Centrum and surrounding areas of Alanya.

The Northern area of Alanya is located near the magnificent Taurus mountains.

For those who want to live in the Central part, we offer villas on the resale market. There are no new villas with swimming pools, but the infrastructure, the entertainment industry is well developed, and both beaches are nearby. The villas are located mainly located in the castle. It is quiet and peaceful and you can find busses that pass every hour.