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Duden Waterfalls: an amazing sight

This year during the Kurban Bayram holiday, the world famous Düden waterfall hosted one hundred thousand holidaymakers. Found 12km northeast of Antalya they are formed by the recycling station water. 

Antalya boasts many wonderful tourist destinations but by far one of the most popular is the beautiful waterfalls. With its stunning natural beauty and wonderfully cool air, it is no wonder so many tourists were enticed to spend time there. On average around 10,000 people visit here daily tempted by the awesome scenery but during the holiday this was boosted to an amazing 100,000 people!  Whilst here visitors were able to take photos of the stunning cascades and climb down the spiral staircase that leads into a cave behind the waterfalls. Visitors were stunned to see tombs engraved in the rocks.