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Amazing Villa with Beautiful Views and Perfect Location in Alanya
ID: 1278
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25 km
Semi-detached three-bedroom villa in massive complex
ID: 2507
2.5 KM
Five-bedroom ultra-luxurious private villa in Kargicak
ID: 1539
2 km
140/30 km
Private & luxurious villas on the hills of Bektas district
ID: 1567
5 km
140/35 km
Luxurious Private Villa in Stunning Konakli, Payallar
ID: 1583
150 m
120/35 km
Modern semi-detached villas in small complex in Avsallar
ID: 1582
700 m
115/40 km
Exquisitely Designed Villas in Sought After Bektas
ID: 1619
4 km
130/40 km

Penthouses in Alanya are popular with investors from all over the world, as a luxury real estate. In Turkey, penthouses cost 45-75% less than similar properties in resorts of Greece or Spain. The interest in apartments on the top floor is also due to the positive dynamics of price increase: the cost of penthouses in Alanya increases by 5-10% annually. With a help of our company, Summer Home Construction&Real Estate you can buy a penthouse in Alanya (Turkey) at an attractive price. 

Penthouses in Alanya are in great demand.

Pros of buying a top floor apartment

The high demand for penthouses in Alanya is due to the objective advantages of such housing. The main ones are:

  1. No neighbours above. Living on the top floor reduces the number of noise sources (loud music, repairs, playing children etc.)
  2. Spectacula view. Almost all penthouses in Alanya are located in buildings built near the mountains and (or) near the beach, so a beautiful picturesque panorama often stretches from the windows or from the terrace.
  3. Fresh air. Air on the top floor is pure and fresh. Street traffic and restaurants are distanced, so the bad smell of exhaust fumes or cooked food does not affect us that much.
  4. Minimum noise. The penthouse almost does not reach the sound of cars and motorbikes from the streets.
  5. Lack of peepers. On the top floor of a penthouse there is no likelihood that your neighbours will be peeping through your windows. 
  6. Comfortable housing. Penthouses offer spacious living area and massive terraces or balconies. You can place there a small swimming pool or build outdoor jacuzzi. 

After changes in Turkish law in 2018, foreign investors who purchase any property worth $ 250,000 and more, are entitled to become citizens of Turkey.

The windows offer a picturesque panorama.

Types of penthouses for sale and what to choose

Today in Alanya you can buy the following types of penthouses:

  1. Sibling. Occupy only 1 (upper) floor.
  2. Duplexes. They occupy 2 upper floors. On the lower level there is often an open-kitchen plan with large living room, and a bathroom. On the upper; one bedroom or more, another bathroom, balconies or a terrace.
  3. Equipped. Sold furnished, decorated and with kitchen appliances. No additional investment required.
  4. Not finished. Such penthouses allow a new owner to independently arrange the interiors.
On the secondary market, apartments on the top floor are in most cases sold with furniture and household appliances. New penthouses are mostly offered at builders finish stage.

A good way to save up to 30% of the cost of housing is to buy a property from still not finished construction. Buying a penthouse from a developer allows you to independently choose the type of finish, adjust the layout, install the necessary equipment and furniture. Developers offer convenient instalment plan without extra interest. 

Penthouses occupy only upper floors.

Popular housing areas

Alanya is a popular resort city located in southern Turkey. The population of the region is about 135,000 people of which almost 100,000 are expatriates, most of whom work in the tourism industry.

In addition to tourism, the city stands out for its high activity in the real estate market. About 20% of transactions are carried out by foreign investors. They own over 70,000 properties in and around Alanya.

Expensive housing can be purchased in the areas of Konakli and Damlatash. You can buy a penthouse at an average market price in Alanya, Oba, Okurcalar, Kestel and Mahmutlar - areas with picturesque nature and good ecology.


The resort village is located 12 km from Alanya, with a population of more than 13,000 people. Konakli is a popular tourist area. Here you can find shopping mall with famous brands Waikiki, DeFacto etc. buy national souvenirs, clothes, jewellry, sweets, spices and much more.

The beaches of the coastal village are mostly pebble with large boulders. Access to the beach is free of charge, but you have to pay for sun umbrellas and sunbeds. Sandy beaches in the village belong to hotels.

In addition to a beach holiday, the village can offer other ways of spending leisure time: a visit to the mini market, shopping centre, golf school, Sealanya Dolphinpark or Club Summer Garden.
The sculpture "Horses" in Konakli.

The main attractions include 3 objects:

  1. Sculpture "Horses". The monument, erected in 2012 on the central avenue, is an exposition of two horses standing on their hind legs opposite each other.
  2. A Clock tower. It is located in the central square and resembles a quadrangular column with an arch. There is a fountain near the tower.
  3. Mosque. Beautiful snow-white building with silvery domes. Beside Muslims, ordinary tourists are allowed to visit the mosque.

From Konakli you can go to a large selection of excursions. The most popular destination is a boat trip to "Alanya Fortress". The tour includes a visit to the Red Tower, Damlatas Cave and Tarsane Shipyard.


Activity in the construction market contributes to the fact that In this area you can buy a real estate 15-20% cheaper than in other resorts in Alanya. In addition to the real estate market, infrastructure is rapidly developing. There arenumerous shops, restaurants, cafes, schools, kindergartens, and entertainment sites.

Every Tuesday and Saturday Bazaar opens, where inexpensive fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes and souvenirs are sold. In addition to the bazaar, you can visit the shopping centers Alanyum Mall Shopping, Metro, Kipa, which are located near the district. We accept cash in euros, dollars and lira, as well as card payment. 

Most of the beach is covered with large pebbles, with occasional strips of sand. The main attraction wich can be distinguished in Mahmutlar is the Dimcay River. It attracts tourists with its coastal caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Trout is found in the river, fishing is not prohibited.

Dimçayı River in Mahmutlar.


The resort is dominated by low-rise buildings. Kestel is striking in its contrast of real estate: inexpensive bungalows worth $ 65,000 can be located next to a 3-storey villa for $ 800,000. Penthouses are offered mainly in private complexes, which consist of 4-5-storey buildings.

Major universities in the area: Keykubat State University and a branch of Akdeniz University.

School in Kestel.


Picturesque calm place with modern buildings. The cost of penthouses here is lower than in neighboring Damlatash, by 10-15%. The area is surrounded by mountains, has free entry clean sandy beaches.  You will be charged only for the sun lounges and umbrellas rent.

The area has a well-developed infrastructure: there are hypermarkets, consumer services, a clinic, and a laser medicine center. Roads in the area are the best in the city.

Penthouse in the picturesque area of ​​Oba.


The resort is located 30 km from Alanya and is considered as one of the most profitable areas for investing in real estate. The cost of housing is 15-30% lower than in the nearest tourist villages, as the city began to be actively built up only 5-7 years ago. The infrastructure has not yet been fully formed: there are no hypermarkets and entertainment facilities.

Okurcalar is the best place for lovers of secluded relaxation on the beach. The beaches are always clean, not crowded, and the coast has many bays.

Buying a penthouse in Okurcalar means making a long-term investment in resort real estate. The cost of housing in the area is steadily increasing by 10-15% per year.

Beach in Okurcalar.


The warmest Mediterranean resort, which is located 20 km from Alanya. The beach season lasts until November, and in winter the air temperature does not drop below + 15 ° С.

Avsallar attracts tourists with its mild climate, beautiful nature and well-developed infrastructure. Despite the small territory, the village has many bars, restaurants, discos and shops. Those who like to relax and improve their health can use the services of spa: Turkish bath, massage, thalassotherapy.

Penthouse in Avsallar.


The resort village is located 20 km from Alanya and is famous for its golden sandy beaches, developed infrastructure and pine forest. Real estate prices are identical with prices in other suburban areas of Alanya. But the ecology and nature of Incekum is much better.

Due to the lack of industrial enterprises and large seaports, the air here is always pure and the water is crystal clear. The purchase of real estate in Incekum is a justifiable choice of buyers who want to move to permanent residence closer to the sun and sea.

Incekum nature attracts tourists.

Cost Factors and Average Penthouse Prices in Alanya

The price of a penthouse in Alanya is affected by:

  • number of storeys of the building;
  • number of rooms and levels (floors);
  • the presence of a swimming pool, terrace;
  • year of construction;
  • total area of ​​apartments on the top floor;
  • furniture and household appliances;
  • quality and originality of decoration;
  • distance to the sea;
  • technical condition;
  • infrastructure development;

In the secondary market, average prices for penthouses, which are located on the first or second coastline, look like this:

  • options 2 + 1 - $ 100,000 - 130,000;
  • options 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 - $ 120,000 - 160,000;
  • duplexes - $ 120,000 - 200,000.

Penthouses in new buildings will cost 10-20% more. The cost of facilities with a pool and a terrace can be 30-50% higher.

If you are interested in buying a penthouse apartment in Alanya, we recommend to contact our company Summer Homer, and we will organize for you a free inspection trip.