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Apartments in Side

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Apartments in Side

A lot of people choose Side for their holidays. Side attracts many tourists because of its wonderful history. Places of interest are the temple of Apollo and the ancient theatre of Side. You can also see many historical artefacts in Side Museum. Besides the historical sites, the beauty of the sea is one of the reasons why tourists prefer Side to spend their holidays. Side's climate is very appealing; it is hot during the summer with very little rain and a moderate temperature in the winter. Many people also choose Side to retire to or to buy a permanent all year round home.

 Almost every month of the year Side has more favourable weather conditions than your own countries. If you are considering moving to Side, it is easy to obtain a residence permit for permission to live here. Having the permit for any city in Turkey is not an issue for worry.

How can I decide which apartment I will buy?

Usually, this is the first question that comes to mind after you decide to buy. There are some points that we advise you to consider when deciding on the apartment you will buy.

  • How the apartment warms up; we mentioned that nearly all year round the months are hot. But you must consider how you will heat your apartment and water during the colder months.
  • Having a lift in the building is very important, especially if you choose an apartment on a high floor.
  • How many rooms are in the apartment; you may need 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms depending on the number of people in your family.
  • Are white goods included in the purchase price, such as a cooker, washing machine, air conditioning and fridge.

The second question is in which neighbourhood you would like to live. Side is a small town close to Manavgat. Although Manavgat is the largest district near Antalya, it is considerably smaller, making the choice of location for your apartment more straightforward. Also known as a seaside neighbourhood, the only thing you need to decide is, do you want to buy an apartment by the sea or inland? The location of the apartment is the most significant factor in determining the sale price, properties closer to the sea are more expensive.

It takes time to look and find the property of your dreams. But with the help of our company and a well-prepared list of requirements, our real estate agent will shortlist suitable options for you to view. We are thus saving you much valued time and money.

We recommend you be careful when choosing a company to help you. For quick and accurate service, the realtor must know Side very well. In addition to knowing the region we must understand your requirements. He/she should understand your needs correctly so that they can offer you the right sale options.

Between the real estate companies serving in Side, Summer Home Real Estate Company attracts buyers due to its attention to detail and its vast experience in its field of work. The company has been providing its service since 2004. Summer Home has employees who can speak 16 different languages and understand your native language and who know the area very well. You can trust our agency one hundred percent to find the best apartment for sale in Side.

We believe you will enjoy being in Side. It is a smaller neighbourhood, with many activities to do in your free time, and there are many historical places to see.

When buying an apartment in Side;

  • You should find an agent for the service
  • You should inform the agent of your needs
  • The agency will give choices
  • There may be a margin of negotiation on the price.
  • After agreeing on the price, the agent, the necessary documents for the sales transactions can be prepared quickly and accurately.
  • After all the documents are ready, you should go to the notary with the landlord to perform the sales transactions.
  • At this stage, you will be given instructions on how to make your payment.

Congratulations. Now, you have a home in Side, known as the pearl of Antalya.