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Charming Villas with Private Pool in Side
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Due to the increasing hotel accommodation prices in the tourism sector, tourists coming from abroad for holidays find it quite costly to stay in the hotel during their holidays. They prefer to rent a house instead of a hotel. If a family with many children is going on holiday or a large group of friends are planning a vacation, they prefer to rent a villa. It is possible to find them in many provinces, towns and villages in Turkey. One of the places in touristic areas where you can find many villas. This town in the province of Antalya and located in the Mediterranean region. Many tourists prefer here as a holiday destination because of the hot and rainless climate in the summer. Another important factor for tourists to prefer here because the seawater temperature in this region is more acceptable than other towns.

It is possible to find them in many areas. Villas in Side have different features. Even the smallest is enough for a big family to stay during their holidays.

The differences between Side villas;

While some villas are bungalows the others might have more than one floor. There might be some of them which have facilities such as a private pool, playgrounds and gyms, while other might not have them.The same goes for the security guards and handymen. But do not worry, they can be hired by us to assist you.

Above, we have noted the most noticeable differences between the two. You need to decide which features you want in your villa during your holiday. If you prefer to go to the sea instead of spending time in the pool in your villa during your vacation, then you do not need to rent a one with a private pool. The rental prices of these are determined according to their facilities and location.

During your holiday you have identified the needs of you and those who are going on vacation with you. However, you do not have enough time to search on the internet for rental villas suitable for your holiday. No need to panic because we can find a villa to rent. You can send information about your needs and with how many people will spend the holiday together by mail to the real estate agent assigned by us to take care of you. Your real estate agent can find a rental as soon as possible regarding your needs and can finish the rental process before you come. So you have no paperwork to do on your holiday, and you can enjoy it at its fullest. Customer consultants working in our company can serve you in 16 different languages. If your needs are understood correctly by your real estate agent, it means that the most suitable for you will be found by your real estate agent in the shortest time. Spending your holiday in a proper way and turn back to your country with smiles is important. We pay attention to customer happiness while determining service processes. We do not provide rentals, but we provide services for other regions such as Alanya, Belek, Bodrum, and Antalya. So, for the next time if you prefer to spend your holiday in a different region in Turkey, we can provide you with this service.

When receiving service from the Summer Home Real Estate Company for the second time is going to be easier because the company already knows you, and what you are looking for. If you liked Turkey a lot and if you want to own a property in Turkey, again you can have service from us. The company that can serve any real estate issue and provide real solutions.